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Cooking Workshops


Cooking Workshops from Dynamic Cooking: instructive, fun and tasty! 


Have you always wanted to learn how to cook? Or improve the way you cook now?

Would you like to learn how to create a complete menu so that you can cook this again later at home based on great recipes? 

Are you interested in specific (country) cooking themes?

Or are looking for a super team building event for your office and you thought competition cooking might be fun to do? 


Dynamic Cooking provide an assortment of 4 different types of interactive cooking workshops - something for everyone.

Complete Menu's

For people who already know

how to cook fairly well, it's 

fun to expand your


Specially for these groups 

MC Dennis cooking workshops

go beyond learning the basic


Complete 4 course meals are prepared in teams where everyone enjoys eating the various dishes and gives feedback on the quality of the taste and preparation.

So you not only learn from the MasterChef, but from each other too. Of course, you'll receive all the recipes so that you can try cooking them again at home. 

Willing to take the challenge

together with your friends

or colleagues? 

During this workshop 

teambuilding is the central

theme, but it certainly is a


Your group will be divided into teams competiting against each other in various cooking challenges ranging from cutting onions to preparing dishes from the Mystery Box. And the clock keeps ticking mercilessly...!

The finished dished are judged by MC Dennis and his team.

This workshop is perfectly suited for companies or groups of friends; no previous cooking experience is required!

Competitive Cooking

Workshop prices are available upon request

Interested in learning

specific techniques

associated with a 

particular country kitchen?

For example sushi & sashimi,

self-made tortollini and 

tagliatelli, Black Forest cake 

or Swedish rubarb pie.

Everything is carefully described and then demonstrated. Then the participants go to work to make it themselves! Afterwards everyone gets to enjoy the dishes and give feedback on the taste and appearance. Instructive, fun and tasty!


& Themes

Specific Cooking Techniques 

For people who cooking

experience is not 

(quite) up to snuff and are

interested in learning the

basic techniques. Frying,

braising, blanching and

pouching; all these elements 

are explained and experi-

enced. Cutting methods, rasping and special slicing, too. In addition certain basic recipes like self-made mayonnaise, a simple foud for soups and sauces, chocolate mousse and much more. 

For more experienced participants, the workshop can be made more advanced.

Thinking of an original gift idea?
Give a Cooking workshop
as a present!
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